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Training Tool

Handwriting improvement device

Manicule memory tool is a revolutionary & scientific handwriting improvement device developed by veda handwritng lab.This device effectively initiate Tick up, Tick down methodology by focusing 5 frames, 5 letters and 5 techniques to improve once handwriting 100%. Along with that it fine tunes the mind-motor cordination with finger tick, air tick, mental tick & pen tick movements.

Training Manual

The 21 days of Training Manual

The 21 days of Training Manual focus on letter formation,
combination, size, slanting, joining to create words ,sentence & paragraph Formation. finally moving from four line to two line to single line.

practice manual

First Level of Practice Manual

The objective of practice manual is to improve the speed, legibility and neatness. It also focus vocabulary building, grammar learning, speed writing etc.…

practice worksheets

Practice Worksheets

The purpose is to have a daily refreshment for the formation of letters & words. At the same time, promoting a habit of movement skills.

Assured Results

21 Days of online training with assured results

Easy Methods

Easily learn & practice the concepts without any difficulties

Short Period Training

21-day online training program that guarantees remarkable results.

100% Improvements

Our program is backed by scientific principles, ensuring a 100% improvement in your handwriting skills.

Provide Physical Meterials

You'll receive meticulously designed practice manuals that focus on both speed writing and grammar, laying the foundation for impeccable handwriting.

Elegant Handwriting for Success

Experience the numerous advantages of elegant, legible handwriting in both your personal and professional life.

Frequently Asked Questions

The kit includes 1.Training Tool 2.Training Manual 3.Practice Manual 4.Worksheets learning experience.

Elegant and legible handwriting offers numerous advantages in both personal and professional life. Improved handwriting can enhance communication, presentation, and overall impression.

To achieve a 100% improvement in handwriting, it is crucial to diligently follow the instruction manual provided with the kit. Consistent practice and adherence to the recommended techniques are essential for optimal results.

The Handwriting Improvement Kit is a comprehensive solution designed to address various handwriting issues scientifically. It includes a Training Tool (Manicule Board) to enhance movement skills, a Training Manual, a Daily Practice Worksheet, and a Classwise Practice Manual. The kit focuses on easy learning and practice concepts, ensuring a 100% improvement in your handwriting.

In just three weeks, you'll witness a remarkable transformation in your handwriting through our structured online training modules.

We stand by our promise of assured results, giving you the confidence that your handwriting will reach new heights of legibility and style.

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