Affiliate FAQ

Veda Handwriting Kit – Invitation for Affiliate Marketing

“Earn money with the Veda Handwriting Kit  Affiliate Program”

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the forms of digital marketing wherein you refer someone to any online product and when that person buys the product based on your recommendation, you receive a commission.

Why partner with veda handwriting kit?

Promotion made easy, Promote veda handwriting kit anywhere  by using  emails and more. Save time and money on content creation by linking to blogs, webinars and more with content developed by Veda handwriting kit for your audience.

How affiliate marketing works for you?

  • You join an affiliate program with veda handwriting kit,There are absolutely no costs involved in joining or being part of Veda handwriting lab affiliate program.
  • You pick veda handwriting kit to promote to your contacts (You will get a unique affiliate link)
  • You share the link via Social media, Blog, YouTube videos, Facebook ads or any other form
  • When someone makes a purchase, you earn a handsome affiliate commission.

How to Promote Veda handwriting kit?

Promoting in Niche-specific Groups such as facebook educational groups,Whatsapp groups, educational community blog etc… popular social media websites such as Whatsapp,Facebook,instagram and LinkedIn are some of the best platforms to promote products as an affiliate. You can browse for groups that are closely related to the niche where your product lands at. These groups are one of the most effective ways to increase the product’s reach in terms of organic audience. moreover, there are various online communities that promote high paying affiliate products of all sorts. These communities and groups are a great way to reach the right audience and make your product known, it will eventually be a plus for your marketing campaign as well.

                                                 Life of an affiliate is not a walk in the park, however, social media has made it comparatively easier. It has become a great source for marketers to spread the word about the products or services they cheer for.

How to Register Veda Handwriting Kit Affiliate program?

1. Visit our website http://affiliate.vedahandwritingkit.com and select register

2. Enter the required informations and click the submit button

3. Get the approved Refferal link (personal code), then share to your Whatsapp,Facebook contacts.

Industry-leading incentive

Receive  25% of the total cost per kit for the first 100 kits and 50% for the 100 and above, the more referral orders you drive through the sales, the higher your income tier can go.